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Nov, 12, 2018 Nov, 12, 2018

Who’s Caring For Those That Care For Others?

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The Danger in Calling Doctors and Nurses Superheroes I’m obsessed with the new TV show, “New Amsterdam.” Have you seen it? It takes place at a hospital in New [...]

Jun, 26, 2018 Jun, 26, 2018

It’s Not The Doctor’s Fault – It’s The Culture

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There’s never a justification for rude behavior toward a patient. But if we look closer, sometimes there’s an explanation. A video recently surfaced of a doctor who mocked and [...]

Mar, 6, 2018 Mar, 6, 2018

The Employee Experience DRIVES the Customer Experience

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As leaders, when we talk about improving the patient or customer experience, we must remember that if we're not caring directly for patients or customers, then we need to [...]