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Jan, 31, 2019 Jan, 31, 2019

Is Cleanliness A Differentiator? Walt Disney Thought So

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PX Solutions Newsletter: "Is Cleanliness A Differentiator? (Walt Disney Thought So)" In this issue of the PX Solutions newsletter, Jake shares a lasting leadership lesson from Walt Disney and [...]

Dec, 12, 2018 Dec, 12, 2018

Our Monthly Roundup of PX In the News – December 12, 2018

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TOP 5 PX news stories this month: Patient Engagement: The Priority That Healthcare Executives Can No Longer Ignore Building a Grassroots Culture: A Case Study of Baystate Breast and [...]

Nov, 30, 2018 Nov, 30, 2018

Inside Our Latest Newsletter: PX Solutions – November 30

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What would your patients, customers, and employees say about your organization? Whatever it is, that is your organization's "story." In this issue, Jake talks about the importance of intentionally telling [...]

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