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Jul, 23, 2019 Jul, 23, 2019

Caring For Others Requires “Emotional Intelligence”

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to read the emotions of others. It's a valuable skill in any industry that deals with customers, guests, visitors, and of course patients because [...]

Dec, 17, 2018 Dec, 17, 2018

How Disney Preserves The Guest Experience

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How Disney Hides Their Backstage Areas To Create Great Guest Experiences Most people are aware that Disney has backstage areas where their cast members (employees) and character entertainers go [...]

Mar, 26, 2018 Mar, 26, 2018

How To Make Your Facility Stand Out From The Others

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If you’ve seen one doctor’s office, waiting room, exam room…you’ve seen them all, right? Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but you know what I mean. By and large, [...]

Oct, 17, 2017 Oct, 17, 2017

The Art of Positive Distraction: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

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Do you ever just block out all the directions or signs you see every day? Not the important ones, like Stop Signs or Do Not Enter signs. I mean [...]