Our team of experts specializes in employee and physician engagement, culture transformation, customer service, New Employee Orientation, and Building Patient and Employee Loyalty. We do more than just focus on why an idea is important. We show you how to apply specific ideas and strategies that make a measurable difference and drive immediate results.

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Most Popular Workshops

This session will illustrate the blueprints and tools needed to build a high performing healthcare team that is incredibly aligned, focused and committed to being patient-driven, whether they care directly for patients or not. As an employee, we believe that if you’re not directly taking care of a patient…you should be taking of someone who is.

  • Learn the “Language of Service” and how our words and titles affect patient experience
  • Define where loyalty comes from and learn what it takes to earn patient loyalty
  • Discover why most healthcare initiatives die and explore the infrastructure needed to build and sustain long term success
  • Understand how to build an explicit, clearly defined culture from your organization’s existing strengths that will drive patient experiences

The best frontline employee understands the importance of their role and their personal impact on customers. These employees are often promoted based on being good workers…only to discover that achieving results as a manager is a challenge. Discover how the frontline employee can develop the leadership and supervisory skills of a supervisor, team leader, or manager.

  • Discover how to lead by example
  • The impact of leadership styles on productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Explore the correlation between how co-workers treat one another and how that directly affects performance
  • How to motivate and empower your team while creating a vision of success for staff

Great leaders not only manage people and care for patients, they inspire others to reach higher and take ownership by connecting them to something more. Great leaders also make daily job tasks and priorities more relevant and applicable to each and every team member. This session will illustrate the blueprints and tools needed to build a high performing team that is aligned, focused and committed to being patient-driven — whether they care directly for patients or not.

  • Discover why most initiatives die and the infrastructure needed to build and sustain long term success.
  • Define where loyalty comes from and learn how to garner it from your team and your customers.
  • The tools needed to operationalize excellence from the top.
  • Recognize your own leadership style and adjust to a more effective one. Understand the two dimensions that must balance for effective leadership.
  • How to empower your work force to effectively communicate your vision.

In addition to a myriad of clinical concerns, patients bring different needs and emotions to the exam room, the emergency room, or the hospital room.

Using Patientology, which is the study of the art and science of creating patient-driven experiences, we will examine the needs, wants, stereotypes, and emotions of typical patient profiles. This vital tool empowers care teams to respond appropriately to different patient situations before they can escalate. In this high-energy session, attendees will learn how to customize their communication based on the individual patient rather than on each acuity.

  • Examine the four critical components of the Patient Guiding Compass to identify the specific needs, wants, emotions, and stereotypes of each individual patient.
  • Learn how to apply Patientology at every touchpoint in the Patient Experience so that it is hardwired, or operationalized, to become business as usual.
  • Discover the impact of non-verbal communication on the patients’ ability to hear what you say verbally
  • Learn tips and techniques to effectively communicate in an effort save time, reduce risk and increase patient compliance

Cultural competence in healthcare describes the ability to provide care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors, including tailoring healthcare delivery to meet patients’ social and cultural needs. A key component to delivering patient-driven care is the ability to engage and educate patients about their health status. While doing this is challenging with all patients, for diverse patient populations it can be even more difficult due to language barriers, health literacy gap, and cultural differences in communication styles. It is imperative that hospitals and healthcare systems understand not only the diverse patients and communities they serve but also the benefits of becoming a culturally-competent organization.

  • Prepare clinicians and team members to interact with patients of diverse backgrounds to increase patient engagement.
  • Improve understanding of diverse cultures, hospitals and care systems with the communities being served.
  • Help care team members understand the factors that are pushing hospitals and health systems to become culturally competent an how to address them.
  • Recognize and understand the cultural and clinical dynamics in interactions with patients and address the skills needed to identify and assist patients from diverse cultures.


We provide coaching as part of our Cultural Transformation Engagement. However, we can also add Customized Coaching to any Workshop post-event. Pricing is determined by the amount of follow-up coaching desired. Click here to contact us for more information.