Starts with a Solid Foundation

Your New Employee Orientation program should lay a foundation for employees’ future success in their roles. Your new employees should leave orientation feeling excited, inspired, and proud they chose to work at your organization. But this isn’t always the case.

Our proven NEO Redesign process prepares you to give employees the tools they need to be successful beginning on Day One. We help you put together a team of employees who will create your organization’s NEO Charter: a promise to every new employee of the type of experience they will have during their orientation. And we’ll help you create a New Employee Orientation program that is successful and inspiring.

In short, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help create an orientation program that reflects and clearly communicates your organization’s highest values and priorities.

A Proven Program Integrated with Your Service Culture

Whether a new employee will directly contact patients, or provide internal service and support to those who do, your NEO has to communicate and model the values that define your healthcare organization’s service culture literally from day one.

A successful NEO program combines elements that have been proven effective with information and a tone that reflects the uniqueness of your healthcare organization. It should contain your healthcare organization’s message, delivered in a way that makes your employees feel as welcome and as well-taken-care-of as you want your patients to feel when they come to you for care.

For details about redesigning your New Employee Orientation Program, download this brochure: Redesign Your NEO. Or, contact us to learn more about how we can help reimagine your New Employee Orientation program.

Reconnections Program

We develop Connections programs for employees who need to re-connect to the reason they got into healthcare in the first place, and who haven’t been to new employee orientation in a while, and could use a new dose of the organization’s culture.

Our team can help you reimagine your New Employee Orientation program.


Client Spotlight

Sheltering Arms Hospital

Sheltering Arms Hospital staff members:
Jim Sok (President and CEO), Ellen Vance (VP & Chief HR Officer), Cheryl Lee (VP of Patient Services), and Mike McDonnell (COO) speak about the New Employee Redesign process with ILS. Their NEO program, Inspirations, is a fantastic success!

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

Dr. Bill Restum, President, and Patty Jobbit, Vice President of Operations, at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan discuss Integrated Loyalty System’s implementation of their New Employee Orientation program.