Jim Sok
Former President and CEO, Sheltering Arms Rehab Hospital

Dr. Karl Zeff
Division Head for Psychiatry, Mercy Medical Group

Charity Hartman
Clinic Manager, Mercy Medical Group

Many speakers have relevant content but lack zeal to maintain participant engagement; Jake exhibits both! In a time of uncertainty, pivoting from a face-to-face to an online platform is difficult; producing an early morning session whereby participants stay to the very end is a grand feat, all of which Jake accomplished! He is truly the Tony Stark or Superman (depending on your generation) of presenters!
5 Star Rating

Latrice Miller, MBA
Manager, Leadership Development & Career Advancement
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

Jake was outstanding! I can’t wait to see the feedback. You were a hit. Thank you, THANK YOU for being so good and so easy to work with. Dahlia had sent me a note saying what a pleasure it was to work with you. You win on the virtual digital arrangement!
5 Star Rating

Anita Halvorsen, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Executive Engagement
American College of Healthcare Executives

One of the best ASA lectures in memory!
5 Star Rating

Virtual keynote attendee

I could listen to Jake all day! He is a phenomenal speaker and motivator!
5 Star Rating

Virtual keynote attendee

One of the best at ACHE Congress this year. Jake Poore needs to be a keynote, not a breakout. Thank you, Jake, for living your passion. Brilliant!
5 Star Rating

ACHE Congress attendee

Jake, you’re a rock star! Everyone I spoke with mentioned your presentation and your presence throughout the sessions. So grateful to you for giving the keynote at EntreCon2019! Quint Studer, Studer Community Institute, Host of EntreCon2019.

5 Star Rating

Quint Studer, Studer Community Institute, Host of EntreCon2019.

I heard Jake’s presentation (several years ago) at Staten Island University Hospital and I remain changed by it.
5 Star Rating

Allan Weidenbaum PhD, RN
Sr. Admin. Director – Medicine, Lenox Hospital

Jake is the only speaker we’ve had to earn a perfect 5.0 rating from all our members; and we’ve had over 60 presenters at 19 Leadership Development Institutes over the past 5 years.
5 Star Rating

C. David Crouch
Former Chief Learning Officer – Blue Ridge Healthcare

There are storytellers who come in, and you think, oh, that’s a sad story, but they leave and you say, so what? Jake Poore has the ability to tell a story and get every person who hears it to realize the “so what”– how I apply that in my role no matter who I am.
5 Star Rating

Carmen Kane
Mayo Clinic

We received fantastic feedback on Jake from our attendees who really embraced his thoughts and ideas on healthcare service delivery. Beyond this though Jake was personable and professional and a pleasure to work with. Jake is a man who clearly practices what he preaches!
5 Star Rating

Jason Page
Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare

I had the opportunity to hear Jake speak at the ACHE conference a couple of weeks ago and I was very impressed by his approach. Without any exaggeration, I would say that he was the best speaker I heard in the three days that I was there. He was engaging and clearly an expert in the area of building customer loyalty as well as making the connection to improving the patients’ experience.
5 Star Rating

Sana Y. Rockwell, MPH
FACHE Director, Patient Experience UC Health – Great Leader Strategies attendee

Jake was amazing, the presentation was great, and I got a ton of positive feedback. I appreciate your recommendation for Jake. He spent the day with us and it was a great investment for us to have his expertise.
5 Star Rating

AlKrista N.
Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City Missouri

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful, lively engaging presentation. I have heard nothing but positive comments from staff and physicians.
5 Star Rating

Catherine Shock, RN
Manager Clinical Informatics – Edward Medical Group

This presentation was extremely relevant to what our teams face everyday! Your energy and passion in your presentation won them all over! Conversation after conversation, they raved about how much they got out of this. “The best training class” was a phrase repeated often.
5 Star Rating

Rich Walen
Rite Aid Corp

All I have been doing is telling all my staff about your and Jake’s seminar and WOW, what a class! I plan on teaching many of your gems and techniques to my staff over the next few months during my weekly huddles.
5 Star Rating

Aaron D. Eckard LT, MSC, USN OIC
Patient Affairs Fort Belvoir Comm Hospital

Thanks for a great symposium! I think the standing ovation said it all.
5 Star Rating

Mary Lou Sole, PhD, RN, CCNS, FAAN, FCCM
Dean and Professor, Orlando Health Endowed Chair in Nursing, College of Nursing, University of Central Florida

The way Jake handled our Executive Team meeting was perfect. We are already seeing a significant shift in their engagement level and we are SO grateful. We can hardly wait to see your magic unfurl throughout the year. Thank you for all you do.
5 Star Rating

Kitty McKay
Development Director, Carson Tahoe Health Foundation

Jake’s presentation and focus get to the heart of the matter in any hospital or health system. And that is creating a sustainable culture that is always, not sometimes, but always patient focused. Jake’s presentation which is engaging, insightful and never boring, as well as the methods he uses for creating the patient focused sustainable culture is a must see experience.
5 Star Rating

Michael J. Krivich, FACHE, PCM
Principal and Founder, Michael J Group

Jake Poore is not your typical speaker. What sets him apart from other keynote speakers is the level of personal involvement and attention to detail he brings to each event. Prior to his engagement with us, Jake spent three hours touring our facility, listening to and learning from our hospitalists and patients. Unlike other speakers we’ve invited, Jake wanted to know more about our organization. Over the years, we’ve had lots of speakers come in and do their thing, but Jake was different. I didn’t expect him to be as involved as he was. Our event was focused on celebrating shared governance’s accomplishments. He was very complimentary of our facility; however, I was most impressed with his ability to skillfully balance our celebration with a few tips about some areas we might improve upon…that can be difficult to do, but Jake did it beautifully.
5 Star Rating

Dave Mader
Adirondack Health