“If you’re not taking care of the patient, you should be taking care of someone who is. Everyone has a role on the care team.”
– Jake Poore

Exceptional, patient-driven care only happens when the head, the heart, and the hands are engaged and connected.

Where Does Loyalty Come From?

  • Leadership Excellence: Shared vision of purpose. Total involvement of staff. Mutual accountability.
  • Employee Engagement: Role versus job tasks. Global expectations. Localized. On the spot recognition.
  • Customer Loyalty: Treating patients as a VIP = Very Individual Patient builds patient trust where patients say, “You’re not just A doctor, you’re MY doctor.” This leads to peace of mind.
  • Key Loyalty Outcomes: Patient intends to return, intends to refer others, likely to give back in other ways (philanthropy, foundation, volunteer, etc.)

Loyalty Success Formula: Leadership drives internal service quality and engaged employees, and they in turn drive exceptional patient experiences.

The Loyalty Equation is a like a three-legged stool.
To be most effective, there must be balance.