EntreCon Speaker and Former Disney Leader To Talk About “Creating Purpose For Employees”

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by Madison Arnold, Pensacola News Journal

Younger generations of workers want much different things in their careers than the generations who came before them.

Baby Boomers were often looking for experience, stability and a reliable company when deciding on a career path, according to Jake Poore, president and founder of Integrated Loyalty Systems in Orlando. Younger workers, made up of millennials and Generation Z, are instead looking for a job where they can make a difference, have purpose and maybe even have some fun.

“If you don’t connect them to their worthwhile purpose, they may take the job in the short-term but they won’t stay long-term,” Poore said in an interview with the News Journal last week. “Because if you’re just another paycheck, then you’re just another job. And if you’re just another job, they can probably get the same job somewhere else closer to home with a little bit more money.” …CONTINUE READING