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Jul, 12, 2018 Jul, 12, 2018

Your Rude Employees Can Be The Secret To Culture Change

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A few years ago, I called a senior level client and was surprised to hear her answer the call herself. Usually, her administrative assistant answered all calls. She later [...]

Nov, 21, 2017 Nov, 21, 2017

Showing Kindness and Gratitude In A Team Meeting – Here’s How We Do It

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Like many of you, I hold regular staff meetings with my team. The agenda is usually jam-packed with follow-up items and project updates. But before we get to the [...]

Sep, 1, 2017 Sep, 1, 2017

Article: Mystery Shopping 2.0: The Pride Audit

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There aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to transforming an organizational culture to create better patient or customer experiences. But there are a few tools that, when implemented, [...]

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