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May, 29, 2018 May, 29, 2018

How To Get Your Employees To Stop Passing The Buck

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You know the expression, ‘the buck stops here’? Wouldn’t it be great if every employee in every industry stopped passing the buck? Imagine, a world where engaged employees took [...]

Feb, 6, 2018 Feb, 6, 2018

VIDEO: A Department Playbook: Keys To Creating Your Culture of Always

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Patients are measuring us on two things: Kindness and the FREQUENCY of that kindness. And yet, we have employees doing their own thing operating in silos. So how do [...]

Aug, 15, 2017 Aug, 15, 2017

A New Kind of S.O.P – The “Department Playbook”

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In virtually every clinical setting I’ve visited over the last two decades, there has always been some kind of Standard Operating Procedures manual, or SOP. When I took a [...]

Jul, 18, 2017 Jul, 18, 2017

A New Level of Customer Service: The Great Napkin Switch!

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I have no hesitation at all rewarding great customer service. And excellent customer service is just what I got at a restaurant recently. I was at an airport in [...]