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Feb, 27, 2018 Feb, 27, 2018

A Great Way To Handle Hard Conversations

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Hard conversations can happen anywhere. Whether it's a medical exam room, your boss's office or in your child's classroom, there are times when the news is sometimes hard to [...]

Jul, 25, 2017 Jul, 25, 2017

The Best Way To Connect With Patients: Caring Out Loud®

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What’s the best way to reduce patient complaints? First, it’s important to understand what patients are complaining about related to their care experience. A 2016 study published in the [...]

Jul, 18, 2017 Jul, 18, 2017

A New Level of Customer Service: The Great Napkin Switch!

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I have no hesitation at all rewarding great customer service. And excellent customer service is just what I got at a restaurant recently. I was at an airport in [...]

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