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Jul, 12, 2018 Jul, 12, 2018

Your Rude Employees Can Be The Secret To Culture Change

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A few years ago, I called a senior level client and was surprised to hear her answer the call herself. Usually, her administrative assistant answered all calls. She later [...]

Feb, 6, 2018 Feb, 6, 2018

VIDEO: A Department Playbook: Keys To Creating Your Culture of Always

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Patients are measuring us on two things: Kindness and the FREQUENCY of that kindness. And yet, we have employees doing their own thing operating in silos. So how do [...]

Dec, 5, 2017 Dec, 5, 2017

Customers Want An Emotional Connection: Here’s How To Do It

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Have you ever been suckered into staying at one of those timeshare places for hours on end just to get a free _____ (insert the item of your choice here: [...]

Nov, 21, 2017 Nov, 21, 2017

Showing Kindness and Gratitude In A Team Meeting – Here’s How We Do It

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Like many of you, I hold regular staff meetings with my team. The agenda is usually jam-packed with follow-up items and project updates. But before we get to the [...]

Sep, 11, 2017 Sep, 11, 2017

9/11 We Remember: There’s A Sacredness In Speaking Someone’s Name

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There’s a sacredness in speaking someone’s name. Several years ago while working at a college in upstate New York, I was invited to take part in a September 11th [...]

Sep, 5, 2017 Sep, 5, 2017

Turning A Random Act of Kindness Into BUSINESS AS USUAL

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Most women will tell you that one of the worst parts of going to the doctor is having to step on that dreaded scale. It never reflects the numbers [...]

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