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Aug, 6, 2019 Aug, 6, 2019

Caring Out Loud® Creates Memorable Patient Experiences

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Clinical excellence is good. Clinical excellence with reminder scripts of what to say and do during a clinical visit is better. Clinical excellence with Caring Out Loud® is BEST. [...]

Apr, 30, 2019 Apr, 30, 2019

If Tow Truck Drivers Ran Your Hospital

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A post by ILS Vice President, Kwesi Johnson After a long work week, Friday evening is typically the time when many professionals are happy to leave work in the office [...]

Dec, 10, 2018 Dec, 10, 2018

Keeping Patients In The Loop By Caring Out Loud®

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Keeping Patients In The Loop By Caring Out Loud Caring Out Loud® is the process by which we proactively anticipate needs by communicating clearly (verbally or nonverbally) with others [...]

Nov, 12, 2018 Nov, 12, 2018

Who’s Caring For Those That Care For Others?

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The Danger in Calling Doctors and Nurses Superheroes I’m obsessed with the new TV show, “New Amsterdam.” Have you seen it? It takes place at a hospital in New [...]

Mar, 19, 2018 Mar, 19, 2018

How To Create Peace of Mind For Your Customers

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This sign might not look like a big deal but for a weary traveler who just arrived on the red-eye, it’s very reassuring. Notice the bottom line which reads, [...]

Feb, 27, 2018 Feb, 27, 2018

A Great Way To Handle Hard Conversations

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Hard conversations can happen anywhere. Whether it's a medical exam room, your boss's office or in your child's classroom, there are times when the news is sometimes hard to [...]

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