I just came across this post on Facebook:

“Hi friends – Help! I’m looking for a new primary care physician. Ours is fantastic (name deleted), but his office manager is horribly rude! Can anyone make a recommendation? Also in need of Pediatrician. Thanks!”

Despite the fact that this woman says her primary care doctor is “fantastic” – she’s willing to ditch him and find another primary care.

Why? Because of her experience.

To the patient, everything speaks and everything mattes. Her history of excellent clinical care was overshadowed by the quality of her experience with the doctor’s staff.

Patients have choices. And this patient is choosing to take her business, her loyalties and her money elsewhere.

This is a classic example of culture eating strategy for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Here’s what we know for sure:

1. This doctor just lost revenue from a previously loyal customer.

2. He also risks a damaged reputation because she just blasted his name for her 538 friends in the local community to see.

3. The high-quality clinical outcomes she received with this doctor weren’t good enough to keep her as a patient. She needed high-quality service outcomes as well. 

The lesson? Patients aren’t comparing you to the hospital or care facility down the street, across town, or in the next state. They’re comparing you to their favorite hair salon, restaurant, spa, hotel, department store, or corner coffee shop where the service just blows them away … because they feel cared for … and they are treated well.

How many more patients have to leave this doctor before he realizes he has a problem with his organization’s culture?

And how many patients might you be losing for exactly the same reason?