growsThe world is filled with plants and creatures that can live in what would seem to be inhospitable situations.  In almost any conditions, there is something that lives and grows there whether is is the rocky face of a mountain or deep under the ocean where sunlight can’t reach.

You can tell a lot about a place by what grows there. 

Plant a seed in sunlight with rich soil and you can glow some beautiful flowers.  Leave rotting soil in darkness and you are going to grow some serious fungus.

It is just the same in your workplace.  Plant good seeds (strong management and engaged teams) in sunlight (transparency and purpose) with rich soil (an explicit, positive culture) and you can grow a fantastic place to work.   But leave rotting soil (a negative or undefined culture) in the dark (leaving everyone to guess what is happening) and you’ll get a lot of fungus (high turnover, low engagement, poor service).

Lay out a patch of soil and something is going to grow, that is certain.  What grows in the garden depends entirely on what you plant and what you feed it.