An extraordinary testimonial from a VP at Stanford Health Care, who unexpectedly became a surgical patient. Listen as he shares his experience as the patient – his fears and his feelings of loneliness. And how the compassionate acts of some of his care team made all the difference.

“I was on the gurney, going to the O.R. and tears are starting to well up in my eyes. It was like suddenly I was incredibly alone…I wasn’t part of a family…I wasn’t part of humanity anymore, I was just by myself.

An anesthesiologist and a nurse come up to me and they hold my hand and they look at me and they smile and say, “We’re gonna take good care of you, you’re in good hands.”

By them holding my hand and looking me straight in the eye and saying those kind words, they brought me back into the human race.”

THIS is what happens when we unite human kindness with healing.