5 good things happening right now

Let’s focus on the good. Here are 5 good things happening right now.

  1. Grocery stores like Wegmans, Stop and Shop, Kroger, Giant, Market Basket and Publix are offering select times so the elderly, in particular, can get in to shop and get what they need. And, stores which are typically open for 24 hours such as WalMart, are closing overnight so their employees can properly restock and clean surfaces and common areas as much as possible before opening early the next morning.
  2. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of zoos and museums in the country that are now producing daily Facebook Livestream videos and virtual tours to educate kids during this unexpected time away from school.
  3. The New York Public Library is allowing more than 300,000 books from their collection to be downloaded for free.  To gain access, all you need is a library card (not necessarily a NYPL card) and an Android or iOS phone.
  4. Scholastic, Penguin Random House and others are inviting teachers from all over the country to share virtual stories and lessons with students.
  5. In the final days before Disney theme parks and resorts closed indefinitely, there were hand-sani stations at all park entrances, at ride entrances and exits, and at the security bag check areas. And, once the parks in Florida closed, Disney announced they would be donating their excess food to the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando.

It’s so important to keep focusing on the good and positive things happening, especially during an uncertain time such as this.

So tell us. What’s happening in your community? What good news can you share? Drop us a note below or email us at info@wecreateloyalty.com.