If you’re a mom, no doubt you’ve heard the high-pitched shrill of the child who has to get a shot. Whether it’s for a vaccination or a routine blood draw – NEEDLES ARE SCARY.

(Even for adults)

Today, when one of our team members brought two of her kids to the doctor’s office for some blood work, there were a few moments of scariness and uncertainty. But after the hard part was over, a nurse saw an opportunity for kindness, and she hit it out of the park.

It didn’t cost much. In fact, it didn’t cost a thing.

It didn’t take any time at all. Maybe a few seconds.

It didn’t require any extra supplies, just a bandage, a sharpie and a pinch of human kindness.

For these little patients, a smiley face drawn on their plain old boring bandages made the experience a little better.

Word has it they couldn’t wait to get to school to show off their “souvenirs.”

 Word also has it that mom got one, too.