We’ve all seen videos on social media that go viral with stories about people performing random acts of kindnesses. And they always make us smile, or sometimes cry. But this one story gave me pause. A young cancer patient tells his doctor he wishes to meet Batman. And what happens next is nothing short of magical.

If this doctor is half as good at performing the clinical aspects of his job as he is at making memorable connections with his patients, then this is one outstanding doctor.

Good clinical care is only part of the equation. Obviously, it’s a critical part, but it’s not the whole picture. There is a yin and a yang to healthcare. There is the clinical expertise, which patients assume and often take for granted. But there is also the human side of healthcare which takes into consideration how that clinical care is administered (with kindness, courtesy, compassion, etc.).

Grab your tissues because this story will pull at your heartstrings. Doctors who do this kind of stuff ROCK! We need more of this type of human kindness in healthcare.