Dignity Health Medical Foundation had a great marketing message: Hello humankindness.

But that’s not the way all of its patients saw it. Like the man who complained that the call center hung up before he could write down the address and directions to a doctor’s office. “That’s not human kindness. That’s not courtesy. That’s baloney,” the patient said.

In fact, when he took over four years ago as president and CEO of the California-based organization that operates medical groups, the Dignity Health Medical Foundation was focused on physician productivity, said Joseph Jasser, M.D. (Jasser left Dignity in January and now works at Humana.)

“That was the only thing they cared about,” said Jasser, who offered a blueprint for improving patient experiences during a presentation this week at the American College of Healthcare Executives 2017 Congress on Healthcare Leadership. At the time, he said, the organization was not patient-centric, had low patient satisfaction scores, low staff morale and high physician turnover.

Jasser worked with Jake Poore, who spent two decades at Disney World in Florida before he became president and CEO of Integrated Loyalty Systems, to change the organization’s culture to one that provides patient experiences that earn high marks./div>