At TGI Fridays, employees who are in good standing and have worked for the company for six months are able to participate in The Passport Program. This program allows employees the opportunity to travel the US – even the world – and work at any of their restaurants doing their same jobs. The employee receives a “passport” from their general manager (stamped with their expertise), travels to a new city, walks into any other Fridays and hands their passport to its general manager and picks up a shift or a week of shifts. Employees love the program because it gives them flexibility and freedom to travel or move wherever they want.

Healthcare offers something similar to this for certified traveling nurses, but why do we limit this for just nurses? The Passport Program is a great idea for healthcare. Think about all your healthcare employees – food services staff, environmental services, healthcare engineering, certified nurses – they all deserve the opportunity to move their families where they want and continue doing the work for you, your network, in the job they love.