They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression, right?

You jump through hoops trying to get the right people into your organization. You invest significant time and thousands of dollars to recruit, interview, and ultimately select a chosen few who have the potential to be great new members of your healthcare organization’s care team.

And then you send them to New Employee Orientation…

The New Employee Orientation should lay a foundation that instills a sense of purpose and pride in your new employees’ roles with your team. They should leave the orientation feeling excited, inspired, and proud to be a part of their chosen organization! Too often, this isn’t the case.

So how do you welcome new employees to your care team? If you have a formal New Employee Orientation program, is it more like a Cracker Jack box where new hires are filled with excitement at discovering how their role contributes to the care team?

Or does your program fall short and result in opening a dreaded Pandora’s Box of boredom, disinterest, and disengagement?

Here are some of our “Top Deadly Sins of New Employee Orientation Programs.” Do any of these sound familiar?

Top Deadly Sins of New Employee Orientation

1 It’s a “guest speaker” death march.

2 The program becomes “50 Ways to Lose Your Job.”

3 It’s a monologue – not a dialogue.

4 The 4 Un’s: Unorganized, Unpolished, Unprofessional, Uninteresting!

5 It’s an information dump, and the message gets lost.

If your new employee orientation program is in need of an overhaul, our team can help. We’ve assisted hundreds of care teams in turning lackluster programs into ones that welcome, educate, and inspire new employees.

You want every new employee to leave your orientation program excited, energized, knowing what they need to know, and motivated to be a valued part of your care team for years to come. And believe it or not, this is what your employees want, too.