The Magic Formula: Human-Business-Human®

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to connect with a customer, patient, or co-worker is to use our technique, “Human-Business-Human®, or HBH.

The basic premise of HBH is to begin and end every interaction on the human side – by making a connection. We call these bookends “Warm Welcomes” and “Fond Farewells.” In between these connections, conduct your business or clinical reason for the interaction (draw the blood, deliver the food tray, collect the co-pay, etc.).

The HBH approach has two distinct benefits

First, it’s just a nice, courteous thing to do. Consider the customer waiting in line at a store when the employee or cashier yells, “Next!” And you’re lucky if they look up at you as they’re yelling. Contrast that with someone who makes eye contact, smiles and says, “Hello and welcome…”

It literally takes no extra time or effort but it makes a huge difference. And it helps create a personal experience rather than one that looks more like an assembly line. At the end of the transaction, a fond farewell like Chick Fil-A’s standard, “It’s my pleasure” is a kind way to close out the interaction and end on a positive, human note.

The second purpose for using the HBH approach is to break the ice and release tension. All patients, regardless of ailment or illness, share a common characteristic: apprehension.

Florence Nightingale’s famous quote is worth remembering. She said, “Apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, expectation, fear of surprise, do a patient more harm than any exertion.” It’s a familiar quote, but one that reminds us of the mental and emotional state of patients.

The HBH technique is an intentional way to connect with patients and help mitigate their apprehension, uncertainty, and fear. By beginning and ending every interaction on the human as HBH dictates, we leave space to conduct the reason for the business or clinical visit.