The following post was shared by one of our ILS team members, Jim Kocher.

Whether a hotel, coffee shop, theme park, grocery store or health provider, good service can be expressed in a number of subtle ways.

During a recent trip to Redding, California, my hotel was clean and recently upgraded. Convenient location, clean room, and quiet.

On check-in, I noticed a photo at the front desk. It was a picture of a cat – specifically, Jack “The Hotel Cat.”

As the sign reads, Jack originally came to the hotel with a family relocating to the area. His owners were unable to keep Jack and so he stayed at the hotel, which is now his adopted home. Jack now acts as the hotel’s greeter and mascot.

I’m an animal lover. I’m the guy who asks if I can pet your dog while you’re on your walk. So for me, Jack is a win.

I immediately asked about Jack and where he might be. Sure enough, Jack was getting a sun bath just outside the main entrance.

Unloading my car, I chatted with Jack who was (typical of cats) aloof and just a bit snotty. Nice touch.

After returning from a quick dinner, I observed Jack making his rounds and even heading into a nearby field to perhaps hunt some field mice.

Next morning at check-out, I was delighted to see Jack sitting on the main counter, greeting guests and bidding fond farewells to those of us headed out.


Yet, I wondered how having Jack in the hotel impacts other guests’ visits.

I was reminded of my late grandpa, who grew up in a Midwest farm in the early part of the 20th century. He thought of cats as strictly outdoor creatures. I can’t imagine he would have reacted well to Jack hanging out on the front desk counter.

I didn’t have a chance to ask, but I wonder how many guests are surprised by Jack in a negative way? Especially sitting on the front desk.

The hotel does allow pets in guest rooms. And one online review mentions the “friendly cat” in a positive way. Still, I wonder. Service features at a hotel like a swimming pool, fitness center and free breakfast are typically slam dunks.

What are your thoughts on Jack the Greeter Cat at a hotel?

Is this a service “win” or not?