Chris is an award-winning speaker, author and consultant who specializes in creating service culture excellence. Encouraging, inspirational, and humorous, Chris moves his audiences to both laughter and tears as he touches on the everyday challenges of creating exceptional service experiences. Attendees of Chris’s speeches and workshops enjoy his unique style and personalized approach, leaving energized and educated on new ways to improve their culture and service levels.

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Chris Thrash Keynote Speaker

Generations: Service Culture

Most Popular Speeches

Each generation brings its own set of experiences, values, beliefs and desires. Understanding the experiences shared by each generation and having an awareness of how these experiences have shaped the values and behaviors of the generation can contribute to a greater understanding of service delivery across the Generations and gain acceptance of differences in patients and co-workers.

This exciting, high energy presentation by Chris Thrash will provide the audience with a better understanding of how to provide excellent service to patients and team members based on their shared experiences, values and desires of each generation. Participants will learn how communication techniques vary when dealing with members of each generation.

Based on Chris’s award-winning video and book by the same title, Chris shares how real healers are the healthcare professionals who serve from the heart. These heroes help others to be successful, encourage people with kindness and caring, renew their commitment to excellence, and offer their very best to the lives they touch. When staff are deprived of their opportunities to serve, they lose the very energy that drives and motivates them.

This inspirational session teaches techniques to revitalize staff members’ energy and bring renewed passion, vigor and spirit to daily jobs, increasing employee retention and job satisfaction.

Short staffing, financial fears, patient safety issues and challenges in patient and employee satisfaction have stripped staff members of the ability to sometimes see the true value of customer service in healthcare. Through Chris’s humorous signature story of wanting to be John Travolta at his first dance in 7th grade, he shows staff how customer service makes their job easier, not harder. Chris also teaches key components of building a successful service culture that will attract new patients, improve the financial bottom line, and most importantly, improve patient and employee satisfaction.

This extraordinary session offers simple solutions that can be immediately implemented to overcome resistance to change and dramatically improve patient and employee satisfaction.

Some of the greatest challenges for hospital managers and leaders are those employees who have poor attitudes and seem to bring everyone else down. In this hilarious, yet powerful session, Chris teaches healthcare leaders and staff alike how to deal with those employees who need a “wake up” call to return to caring for patients, family members and their co-workers.

This dynamic, hard hitting session teaches powerful techniques for turning employee satisfaction around with the most difficult staff members based on Chris’s hands-on stories of dealing with resistance to change during his days in Nursing Administration.

Service recovery is extremely important when you’re dealing with the stressful environment of healthcare today. Without key strategies in place, organizations will struggle with patient satisfaction challenges. Based on Chris’s best-selling video by the same title, this dynamic training session highlights the five major steps for dealing with difficult situations that arise with patients, family members and co-workers.

This creative, high energy session teaches practical, immediate steps to help staff members deal more effectively with difficult patients, family members, physicians, and co-workers.

Leadership Development

Poor service…apathy…rude staff…low employee morale – problematic areas that tarnish an organization’s image and create stumbling blocks to building a successful service culture. Learn how your organization can enhance the patient experience by getting rid of “quick fix” mentality and flavor of the month customer service programs. Managers will walk away from this dynamic session with competencies and tools that will help them be more effective in managing problematic areas by focusing on role modeling, service opportunity, staff accountability, reward/recognition, and creating department level initiatives and expectations to sustain energy for delivering patient centered care.

Managers will leave this session with a better understanding of what it takes to create a defining service experience.

Do coffee mugs, key chains and other plastic trinkets really inspire employees to be their best? The heart of healthcare can best be defined by a simple six letter word that in today’s world sometimes seems forgotten: THANKS! Expressing appreciation for the vital role healthcare workers play is essential in encouraging hospital staff to appreciate their opportunities to impact patients’ and families’ lives. True appreciation drives the service experience by embracing an understanding that all people have great worth and are deserving of our utmost respect and compassion regardless of their individual backgrounds, social settings or current situations.

Managers will leave with a better understanding of how each moment in interactions with patients, families and each other are “gifts of opportunity” to make ‘ordinary’ moments ‘extraordinary’ in the lives staff touch.

What is your organization’s track record for change? Do your managers sometimes feel like they’re running up a flight of stairs with no end in sight and each stair represents a different obstacle they’re facing in their daily roles as hospital managers? Staffing shortages…budget cuts…high census…competition…low staff morale. The challenges can become overwhelming for many managers.

Teach your managers that change can provide a myriad of opportunities which can lead to positive effects and influences not only in the life of the organization, but in the life of each individual staff member as well.

Do you really know who you’re hiring? The employee selection process can sometimes feel like a game show where you’re never really sure what’s behind curtain #1. Teach your managers how to take the guesswork out of the employee interview process by teaching them key interview techniques to assess candidate service readiness. This session also provides middle managers with helpful techniques for encouraging employees at every level: the low, middle and high performer.

Managers will learn how to PRAISE, COACH and STEER their staff to higher performance.

Perception is Reality. TouchPoints™ can best define perception of the service experience. The basic needs, wants and expectations of our patients. Managers will learn to look at patient satisfaction measurement from a new perspective in identifying and understanding ways that patients form perceptions through their interactions with staff.

By breaking the survey process into technical skills, organizational processes, and defining moments, managers can establish a better understanding of their role in holding staff accountable for service culture excellence and providing patient-centered care.



I have been a nurse for 51 years with many of those years working in Surgery. Chris Thrash’s presentation is the best I have ever attended.

5 Star Rating

Eddie Chavez, RN
Dallas Regional Medical Center

Chris brings energy, enthusiasm, sincerity and a positive attitude to each engagement, leaving our employees with an upbeat message about service. He relates so well to audiences that they love him and his message in no time!

5 Star Rating

Peggy Creany
Director Service Quality | Methodist Hospital

Chris’s 20 years of healthcare experience is the difference. Healthcare is unique so Chris Thrash was just what we were looking for to bring to our staff!

5 Star Rating

Linda Herriage
Director Human Resources | Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma