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Everything Speaks

Patients pay attention to the little details. And based on those details, they make judgments on the big things.

In fact, everything patients see, hear, smell, taste, and touch affects their experience – either positively or negatively. Every detail in your setting says something about your brand. And it’s not just patients who notice. Visitors notice. And your employees notice, too.

Medical Mystery Shopping: “PRIDE AUDITS”

So how can you really know what patients (or visitors, employees, vendors, and family members) are seeing, feeling, and experiencing at your hospitals or care facilities? Through Medical Mystery Shopping or what we call a PRIDE AUDIT.

A Pride Audit is really just a fancy term for walking in another’s shoes – or, seeing with another’s eyes. Pride Audits are a critical first step in a cultural transformation. They provide an objective snapshot – a true picture – of what life is really like inside your organization on a day to day basis, from the patient and employee perspective.

Client Success Stories

One goal of Pride Audits is to identify (and eventually remove) Graffiti. We define Graffiti as anything that distracts, detracts or defaces the intended patient experience.

Mercy Medical Group
Char Allmond, Clinic Operations Supervisor

By mapping out every step of the Patient Experience, we strive to see things as patients see them. Then, we can work to identify and either remove or replace the graffiti that is preventing the ideal experience. Here’s one client who shares her story of how her team changed a few words in a greeting to create a better patient experience.

”By involving every team member, across all lines of the patient experience, and making them the architects responsible for developing a new organizational culture, they’ve not only created it, they own it. This authorship and ownership leads to mutual accountability, which means your team will police it every day at all levels … even when you’re not around.”

Jake Poore
ILS President and Chief Experience Officer

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