Improve Patient Experiences? Of Course. The Real Question Is: How?

Nearly 90% of top-level healthcare executives say that patient experience is either their top priority or among their top five priorities, and that “impact on patient experience” is a major consideration in virtually all of their decisions (HealthLeaders Patient Experience Leadership Survey). Clearly, when it comes to improving patient experiences, the question is not if, when or why, but how?

One Client’s Story (2 minute video)

People Process Physical SettingDefinition of The Patient Experience:
The patient’s cumulative evaluation of the journey they have with you, starting when they first need you and based on their clinical and emotional interactions, which are shaped by your people, your processes and your physical setting, and shaped by their expectations of you.
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How We Can Help:

1. A Proven Strategy for Improving Patient Experiences:
After an initial assessment to be sure we’re a “good fit” for each other, ILS will work with your team to develop a tailored blueprint of how to achieve your patient-centered care objectives using elements from our proven Cultural Master PlanSM. These engagements typically last a minimum of 6 months, with most having a duration of 2-3 years. ILS is prepared to transfer its expertise to your team through train-the-trainer type situations, ensuring that you have the ability to maintain positive momentum after ILS is out of the picture. Or we are prepared to do as much actual delivery and instruction as your resources require.
2.   Solution-Based Training
Elements of the ILS Cultural Master PlanSM are available as free-standing   workshops that last from a half day to multiple days. For organizations that already have formal patient-experience programs underway, these workshops are an excellent way to fill specific gaps that might be ignored otherwise and undermine your improvement efforts.
3. Inspirational Keynote Speeches With years of experience at Disney and other world-class organizations, ILS speakers are available to teach, motivate and inspire with compelling speeches on a variety of topics, all centered around earning patient/customer and employee loyalty. Additionally, ILS President and founder Jake Poore, one of the most highly rated and sought-after speakers in healthcare, is available for select speaking engagements.

A Different Approach

At ILS we work hard to ensure that everything we recommend and help clients implement reflects that client’s unique organizational culture, not ours. Our approach doesn’t impose a predetermined, prescriptive course, but instead reflects a carefully tailored solution that considers our clients’ existing service culture, leadership style and resources available.

Tailored Solutions, Proven Success

Our tailored solutions represent the best of two worlds for our clients: everything we do draws from ILS’s Cultural Master PlanSM, which has been developed and refined over the years and has proven successful for our clients (references available, of course). Nothing we do is “off the shelf,” nor is it built from scratch. “Custom” is expensive and time consuming; “off the shelf,” while less expensive, may not be exactly right. We understand that not every client requires every element of the plan. Instead, after a careful assessment is conducted, recommendations are presented that balance the effectiveness of “custom” with the proven track record of what has worked in the past.

The Payoff

Like ripples in water, improving patient experiences, when done correctly, can positively impact:

  • market share,
  • employee engagement,
  • physician referrals,
  • breadth and depth of patient relationships, and even
  • reimbursements (via HCAHPS).

But if and why are not really the questions you have. To answer how and when, call us… today.

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