ILS Cultural Transformation Master Plan

Celebrating with the fantastic team from Westchester Medical Center following their "Two-Day Cultural Blueprint Workshop,” June, 2017.

”By involving every team member, across all lines of the patient experience, and making them the architects responsible for developing a new organizational culture, they’ve not only created it, they own it. This authorship and ownership leads to mutual accountability, which means your team will police it every day at all levels … even when you’re not around.”

Jake Poore
ILS President and Chief Experience Officer

What’s the culture like at your organization?

Is everyone on your care team aligned toward the same goal, working off the same set of operational priorities, and delivering exceptional patient experiences always? (signs of a strong, effective culture)

Or, does everyone do their own thing around a loose set of standards and just hope for the best? (signs of a weak, ineffective culture)

We know improving the patient experience is the right thing to do. So the question isn’t why, but how?

Create a Culture With Intention

Creating a culture with intention requires an organization-wide Cultural Transformation. It’s more than just telling employees to be nicer to patients and each other. This is prescriptive and it simply won’t work. The real secret to becoming a world-class organization is to ensure every employee, from the front lines to the back offices, is aligned toward the same goals and can say with assurance this is how we do things here.

When organizational intentions are clear, expectations can be set and a level of consistency and service excellence can be developed in an environment where the patient experience not only survives, but thrives.

It’s not complicated, but it does take a lot of time and hard work. In other words, as our President Jake Poore likes to say: It’s simple. It’s just not easy.

Mercy Medical Group
Dr. Alan Ertle, Chief Medical Officer

Jim Sok
President and CEO, Sheltering Arms Rehab Hospital

Integrated Loyalty Systems’ Cultural Master Plan (aka our secret sauce!)

Our comprehensive strategy is different from other prescriptive, one-size-fits-all solutions. We listen to you and then we suggest a process based on your organization’s needs and abilities.

Step 1

Our team works with representatives from across all lines of your care team, including patients, to help them crystallize their culture and define for themselves what they stand for and what they will no longer stand for as a healing organization. These become the organization’s new Cultural Blueprints, which serve as the foundation for creating exceptional patient and employee experiences.

Step 2

We teach you how to operationalize, or hardwire, the Cultural Blueprints into the the DNA of your organization. We do this by “localizing” the culture up and down and across all levels of the organization. So that every employee knows this is how we do things here.

Step 3

We give you the tools you need to:

  • Effectively recruit, onboard and train new employees
  • Celebrate successes through On-The-Spot Recognition
  • Provide Service Recovery when mistakes are made
  • And, develop Department Playbooks for every employee to refer to and continuously improve and sustain their new patient-driven culture.

A careful examination of your existing culture as seen through the four “lenses” that comprise patient experience: people, product, process and physical setting. Assessments include formal and informal interviews and focus groups with patients and staff, “mystery shopping,” and multiple walk-throughs as seen through the patients’ eyes.

“Operationalizing” the culture is the most critical element of the process: Cross-organizational representatives will: stipulate a common goal (“True North”) that defines everyone’s role; adopt an organization-wide set of decision-making priorities; and, construct a set of common service behaviors that collectively serve as a blueprint for the way we do things here.

Once defined, new elements of your patient-driven culture are communicated across the organization in a way that fosters ownership and commitment. With the message delivered by representative staff (not leaders or consultants), the message being communicated is clear: “We created these cultural elements… they are what will differentiate us and help us deliver on our mission.”

At ILS, we add a critical step in the engagement process: a workshop to train leaders to translate the global messages into department-specific actions and behaviors with clear accountability. In addition to localizing the global message, leaders learn tools specifically designed to help them hardwire the new cultural elements into their departments and ensure sustainability.

As your culture becomes more patient-driven, new employees must understand these cultural imperatives from their first days with the organization. Our team works with your existing orientation team to redesign an engaging, interactive experience for employees based on a simple principle: Treat new employees exactly the way you want them to treat patients and each other.

The difference between customer service training programs and a long-term way of doing business lies in an organization’s ability to integrate world-class experiences throughout all leadership and employee operations and human resource elements.

Watch as Dr. Bill Restum, President of Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, explains why he chose ILS to help formulate their plan and lead them through a successful Cultural Transformation. “A dream without a plan is nothing more than a wish and we had wished long enough. We needed a plan…Jake Poore (and ILS) is the real deal.” – Dr. Restum