Sep, 1, 2017 Sep, 1, 2017

Article: Mystery Shopping 2.0: The Pride Audit

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There aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to transforming an organizational culture to create better patient or customer experiences. But there are a few tools that, when implemented, [...]

Jul, 1, 2017 Jul, 1, 2017

Article: Can An Organization Be Safe AND Nice?

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The patient experience is not defined merely by whether a hospital or care facility is “safe.” Safety is invisible to patients…until it isn’t. From the patient’s perspective, their safety [...]

Jun, 1, 2017 Jun, 1, 2017

Article: Are You Ready To Be Patient-Driven?

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Everyone is talking about ways to improve the patient experience. New initiatives, slogans, campaigns or programs of the month are introduced one after another but nothing seems to stick. [...]

May, 31, 2017 May, 31, 2017

Article: Volume to Value: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Service Excellence

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If you ask 50 people to define “the Patient Experience”, you’re sure to get 50 different answers. While there are many definitions, we’ve adopted what is considered to be [...]

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